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Who is behind tool4spirit?

Petra M. JansenPetra M. Jansen

Degree in business administration, advertising executive and author.
Tasks: general concept, marketing, advertising,
Promotion, essays and press relations.


Axel SchlesierAxel Schlesier

Designer, photographer, cameraman and editor.
Responsibilities: Art Director, design, photos, graphics
Advertising and the Internet sector,
both content and form.



Michael HomaMichael Homa

Producer, cameraman, editor and specialist for sound engineering.
Tasks: film production, photography, post-production


Mathias PierrePierre Mathias
TV writer, journalist, film director, writer and editor.
Responsibilities: Working closely with colleagues: concepts
and creative coordination, editing in film + dramaturgy.





is adventurous and knows no taboos!

stands on the highest quality craftsmanship.

is close to people, when it comes to the presentation of facts.

puts the customer at the forefront and takes him by the hand, but to get him to present him in the best way.

shows character and courage, when it comes to break new grounds.

is not a yes-man for opportunistic reasons!

the personality of an individual has full priority! Only they can shape the product.

can never be neutral, as it is always about people. Tool4spirit treats each task as a work of art!

designs each project as if it were intended for his own use.

is fresh and lively, young and forward-looking – and with all the experience that is needed.

Gelnhausen – 2012