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tool4spirit   is a service company, which has set itself the task, to offer , to plan and to execute coaching, promotion and marketing in the economic sector under one roof.

tool4spirit  developes an original approach directly by the company or its agencies. This requires intensive discussions, to be held in coaching seminars. The goal is to sell its originality and to develop a brand that attracts the attention, including corporate identity and an individual positioning. A synthesis between artistic freedom and economic interest.

tool4spirit  sets up a market analysis on the basis of this “sketch”. Here, the identity of the company has always priority. It’s not about the “creatives” to force it into a corset, in which they can no longer find themselves.

blue dreamtool4spirit  designes an image in close collaboration with the company, that could be supported to the outside. This includes the concept and production of advertising campaigns in the form of video, audio, print and the internet in matching coat (and on their own).

tool4spirit  developes merchandising concepts and promotional activities that support actively the marketing efforts. Products and services need an accurate market positioning.

tool4spirit  organizes promotional events, which have the task to attract the press. The contact with journalists is organized and maintained in this context (press campaigns, conferences, interviews, etc.).


Business concept

Türknauf tool4spirit – business
has set itself a target to give the company an original offer. Supported by tool4spirit artists should participate in business projects to achieve with the idea of ​​more attention.

tool4spirit – business

relies on imagination, but with a meticulous marketing concept. Artistic sensibility does not stand in contrast to the commercial objectives.


tool4spirit – business
wants to inspire, bring enthusiasm. In short: wants to act unconventionally.

tool4spirit – business

can also be profound. A company profile can be credible only there´s a philosophy behind it.

tool4spirit – business
tries to improve the informations in a loose and understandable way. Both, the image and the dialectic must be understandable to anyone.

tool4spirit – business
want more sensitivity. From our view, the better way to capture people. The courage to awaken feelings!

tool4spirit Business
brings joy and the result must be felt!

Who is behind tool4spirit?

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