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tool4spirit  is a service company in the field of entertainment, music and the arts, which has set itself the task, to offer , to plan and execute coaching, promotion and marketing, all under one roof.

tool4spirit  developes an original approach together with the artists and their agents. This requires intensive discussions, to be held in coaching seminars. The goal is to sell its originality and to develop a brand that attracts attention. A synthesis between artistic freedom and economic interest.

red guitar tool4spirit  sets up a market analysis on the basis of this “sketch”. Here the artistic identity has always priority. It’s not about the “creatives” to force it into a corset, in which they can no longer find themselves.

tool4spirit  designes the image in close collaboration with the artist, that could be supported to the outside. This includes the concept and production of advertising campaigns in the form of video, audio, print and the internet in matching coat (and on their own).

tool4spirit  developes merchandising concepts and promotional activities that support actively the marketing efforts. A cult band needs Curios! An artist needs an individual expression platform!

tool4spirit  organizes promotional events, which have the task to attract the press. The contact with journalists is organized and maintained in this context (press campaigns, conferences, interviews, etc.)


Art concept

tool4spirit art
focuses on “field type” with the following genres:
music, literature, theater, film, art. The aim is to create synergies, to search for symbiosis. There must be no apartheid – on the contrary.

tool4spirit art

wants to keep within the lines foresight, it should be no barriers. An example: in music all directions will be available. From classical to jazz and e-music, from heavy metal to blues, chanson. The only criterion is quality.

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tool4spirit art
can only do a good job when the product is compelling. Therefore, we are very careful to put the criterion quality as high as possible.

tool4spirit art
puts his cards on the table. After a basic case study, the product will be designed. It must meet the criteria of marketing.

tool4spirit art

tries to focus always on people – with the knowledge that everything emanates from him!


Who is behind tool4spirit?


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