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Interview by Petra M. Jansen

Klaus, you have entrusted us with the conceptual accompaniment of your creativity and your art, we thank you very much for this. How satisfied are you with our ideas and the implementation of the recommended actions?

My website is now clear and simple structured and is no longer bothered by superfluous colors and formal distractions. At the same time everything is much more flexible, communicative and allows a lot of interaction. Does not get any better!

Do you think that the professional care of tool4spirit is doing well and will give you a new direction?

My artistic work is not affected by tool4spirit aware. I get new, feasible proposals for the art that change my view of exhibitions and events which make the processes more efficient. The suggestions are helpful and a change in the sense of tool4spirit is necessary for me.

Artists are overwhelmed with their own marketing, is our work a welcome help for you?

I'm a skilled artist who attracts interest. Simultaneously my organizational skills may move against 0 at times. So I am in need of help, just the way I get it from tool4spirit.

You see us as a competent, creative partner and would recommend us?

It feels quite natural to appreciate the staff of tool4spirit as a person and artist.They really dedicate a lot of time to me as a client and spend as much patience. Private experience is important and does have enough space too. Art is hard work and just like a competitive athlete, one moves to the extreme and is under competitive pressure. An imaginative and reliable partner as tool4spirit's doing well and I can really recommend it to you.

Thank you for this interview, Klaus!

© Petra M. Jansen