"Cleansed by fire" – LINGUA MORTIS ORCHESTRA feat. RAGE

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For their highly acclaimed debut record »LMO«, RAGE's classical outlet, the LINGUA MORTIS ORCHESTRA have produced a most extravagant video the opening track 'Cleansed By Fire'. »LMO« follows an exciting concept on the burning of witches in Gelnhausen in 1599 and is based on a true story.

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Interview by Petra M. Jansen

Klaus, you have entrusted us with the conceptual accompaniment of your creativity and your art, we thank you very much for this. How satisfied are you with our ideas and the implementation of the recommended actions?

My website is now clear and simple structured and is no longer bothered by superfluous colors and formal distractions. At the same time everything is much more flexible, communicative and allows a lot of interaction. Does not get any better!

Do you think that the professional care of tool4spirit is doing well and will give you a new direction?

My artistic work is not affected by tool4spirit aware. I get new, feasible proposals for the art that change my view of exhibitions and events which make the processes more efficient. The suggestions are helpful and a change in the sense of tool4spirit is necessary for me. Continue reading

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